Do you get nauseous sending in your resume because you don’t feel like you can actually move forward to the interview process?

Do you pull back from clicking the “Submit” button because it makes you feel like you’re hopeless and finishing the process would be pointless?

Are you struggling because you don’t know how how to sell yourself through the piece of paper?

Are you wanting to stop submitting applications just because and want to know your submitting each resume with a 90% chance to being contacted by the employer?

I put together these tips which is what makes up a qualifying resume based on recruitment standards. This will help you get through the unknown of submitting a resume and actually have a resume that gets you through the interview.

With my guide you will:

  • Understand how to read the job description

  • How to use key words to get through the applicant tracking system

  • Understand how to bring value to your resume

  • Be confident with what your submitting to each employer!