Proven Ways to Prepare For a Job Interview and Get Hired!

So if you are now in the interview process that must mean that you are qualified by the company based on that special piece of paper!

Preparing for a job interview is probably one of the most stressful situations that you may ever face. I get it, you need the job and may not have the most experience when it comes to job interviewing. I’ve been there- way too many times before. You’re desperate for the next part of your life to succeed, grow and make the income that will bring you your desires. If you need to make sure your resume is up to date prior to your job interview, I recommend you download My 5 Tips on How To Write a Resume for FREE! There are 5 proven ways that you are able to prepare for a job interview and land the job.

Research the company, position and salary

Just research all together. It's important to understand as a whole what you should expect and be the expert in this job that you applied for. The company may ask, “what do you know about us” or even if you know the name of the CEO. Know the company's mission and culture so you are able to base answers to interview questions off of that. Also, it is important to understand the position that you are applying for because you are the expert for that position. Know the qualities and skills that is expected to be successful in the position. Read the job description for that specific company and take note of what THEY are specifically asking for you to do and know. Salary, money, compensation whatever you call it, have an idea of what the company or the position pays. So when you are asked what is “your expected or desired salary” you are able to answer within the budgeting of the company’s position. Sometimes you may notice the position may say 25,000-55,000. This could be based on experience so someone with minimal experience or high school may not be at the highest capacity of the range. Glassdoor is my favorite site for getting these details. They have everything that could be useful to getting what you need for the job( of course don't take all opinions so heavily when it comes to the site). If you do end up not finding the salary for your position in your area, try searching the position from a different company within the same area to get an idea of what the expected salary may be.


Understand and Know how to answer the most common interview questions

You have to be prepared to respond to certain questions that would be asked in every interview: So take note of the following and write down your answers for each!

What is your greatest weakness? (please note that you should provide a weakness followed by how you overcame or conquered this weakness)

What is your greatest strength?

What do you know about the company?

Why do you want to join this company?

Why are you wanting to leave your current job/position?

Come up with something powerful. This will help you conquer and score the job.

Have your about me speech ready

Your selling yourself at a job interview as someone that can give the company what they need to meet their goals. You need something simple and that clarifies your skills and experience. For example, “Well, I started of as a Sales Associate at The Store where I sold $30,000 of product each month. I wanted to aim for more opportunity and growth to where it lead myself to become a Store Manager of Mr. Bob due to my excellent managerial and leadership skills it has lead to my current position as a District Manager for the region.” Make sure you focus on the skills on each job that would best suit the employer and the positions needs.

Be confident

That job is meant for you because you are there. You just need to show and prove how much you belong. Now this isn't saying become cocky and self centered. This means answer and speak in a matter to where you show that you belong that you are the right fit. Body language is important because you can see how a person may be feeling. Sit up straight, give the interviewer eye contact and show them all that you know.

Relax and Rest

Really, relax you don’t want your nerves to take over. It’s always going to be easier said than done, but again the employer has your attention you can do this. Make sure you do get well rest though you want to be in the right mental state when you are speaking to the interviewer and have a clear head. So meaning don't stay up till 3 am and watch TV when you have an interview the next day. Eat well, prepare your outfit the night before so you won’t be scrambling in the morning.

My personal tip for being calm is to meditate, I currently use Simple Habit App but there are many others out there. This particular one has a mediation titled before an interview to help you feel calm and ready before the interview. Give it a listen.

Remember you can do this. Be confident have calmly prepared and believe in yourself. The research helps with your knowledge but don't forget to show the love and passion that you have.