How to Successfully Pass the Phone Interview Process

I’m guessing you are beginning to read this blog or look into this because you are either preparing for your phone interview (CONGRATS!!) OR you are researching ahead of time to make sure you have your career process down pat and if that's the case then that's honestly so great I’m happy you’re looking into this! If you haven’t already looked into perfecting your resume, I have a free resume tips guide you are welcome to download here

So let's first understand who is calling you to conduct this phone interview process. Research the person. Most of the time it is either a recruiter or an HR professional that would conduct the phone screening process so you should develop an idea of what their position is and understand the company and the position in full detail so you can pass this screening process of commonly asked interview questions. These tend to be the most popular ones so take a look and prepare thoroughly:

  1. Tell me about yourself/ Tell me about your work history

  2. How far along are you in the job hunting process- are you currently interviewing?

  3. Why do you believe you are a perfect fit for this current role?

  4. Tell me about a time you had when you had to face a challenge and how did you overcome it?

  5. Why are you currently looking to leave your current job?

  6. Tell me more about your role/ responsibilities at [X] job?

  7. Tell me about a time when you had to [Leadership, Teamwork, Technical Skills, etc

  8. What are your salary requirements

  9. Do you have any questions for me ( YOU BETTER HAVE QUESTIONS. ASK. )

What is the job your applying for…. Look at the job description and study it, because knowing what the position entitles and what the company envisions this position to be is how you have have to present yourself at the phone interview (and face to face) interview process.

Write down any key words, skills or phrases that may be ideal for you to throw into your interview process casually. It is a phone interview process so just write it down somewhere so you can refer to it during the interview process (see no fear!)

PREPARE YOUR $$$ SALARY REQUIREMENTS. They are gonna ask… I promise you. You want to make sure that you will be hitting this question ideal to what the company's position and budgeting may be. Usually a range is given and is ideal to make sure you are able to cross the path of what they expect to give. For example a company that is supposedly reporting an average salary of $62,000, I would say my salary expectations are in the range of $60,000-65,000. This question can be a nerve wrecking question, trust me I GET IT! I always used to hate this question because I never knew exactly what to say. It got easy when I realized that has my answers (yes baby, yesss!). For the most part the company that you are applying for is on glassdoor and positions and ranges should be labeled there as well so you have a round about idea. If they are not there, how to understand the positions pay range would be to search that position in a company that is within the same area so you would be able to get the approximate salary amount.


Are you going to be in your car or somewhere away from home when you are initially doing this phone interview? If so… use HEADPHONES! Its seriously a life saver. The quality of the call will be so much better in case there could be any signal issues. Also, if your like myself to where you have done phone interviews in your car its the perfect way to block out any noise. Also the person conducting the interview will have so much respect. As a former recruiter, I KNOW how difficult it could be when a potential candidate isn't in the most peaceful area.

You can easily have those answers right in front of you! The 3 important tabs on your computer, or printed out (if your on the go) should be your linkedin profile, the job description and of course your resume. There is no reason to be nervous or to not be prepared when everything you can need or have is right in front of you.

Hello?..... Yes….This is Janice from “X” company. Listen guys, how you answer the phone is EXTREMELY important. You already know who to expect and the time so it isn't a surprise phone call. The best way to professionally answer the phone is “Hello, this is Jenny Red speaking” its casual and you avoid the obvious question of the interviewer asking “This is “X” may I please speak with Jenny.” You get right to the interviewer introducing themselves and having the professional conversation.  

The person who is interviewing you will ask if you have questions in the end, SO BE PREPARED TO ASK QUESTIONS. Just like a face to face interview be prepared with at least 3 questions. Some great questions to consider asking could be:

* What are the top skills you believe would make the potential candidate successful in this role?

*If hired, what should responsibilities should I expect to handle in the first 3 months?

* Is there opportunities for professional development?

*What would a typical work day entail?

*When can I expect to hear from you?

*What are the current biggest rewards of this job and working for this company?


Once the interview has ended, within 24 hours, send the person who conducted the interview a thank you letter. You want to continue on giving the employer a good first impression. Thank them for their time out of their busy schedule to discuss the opportunity with you and how excited you are for this opportunity! A thank you letter tends to stand out and it goes a long way.

I hope you enjoyed these five tips! Definitely take a look and download My 5 Tips on How TO Write a Resume to perfect your resume prior to your interview! I am so excited that you are taking this step to grow and head for your D R E A M S. I know you will get there, I believe in you.