LinkedIn Tips That Will Get You Noticed

LinkedIn is everything nowadays right? Especially when it comes to the job market. It’s hard to get anywhere without your resume and a LinkedIn account. There are ways though that will get you noticed and have the right employers attention, you are able to get the latest news and discover new opportunities. With that said LinkedIn is the hottest thing on of the moment, and with everyone using it we want to get noticed for opportunities that catch our eye.

Your professional profile should match your resume and go even deeper. If you are thinking ‘dang my resume isn't at its best’ or you are having issues with creating the perfect one check out my easy and customizable resume template that will get you the job of your dreams.

Make your profile visible

On LinkedIn you are able to make your profile public so you are ‘search friendly’ for LinkedIn. If you go to view public profile on your LinkedIn page you are able to customize what is viewable to the public and what would be exclusive to only your connections. Keywords on your LinkedIn profile is also important (just like keywords are important on your resume!). Make sure to use terms that are valid for the job you are targeting throughout your employment history, bio and using the skills and endorsements section of LinkedIn.

You need a customized LinkedIn URL

The main reason you need a URL that is customized is that it looks professional on your resume and when your profile is viewed by the employer. No one wants to see a profile that is, It doesn't look appropriate or appeal to one's eye. To customize your LinkedIn URL go to your LinkedIn profile:

Go to your profile! On the right hand side click edit profile/URL, click the little pencil and edit that URL to a professional name, please view below on what that section looks like:


The Perfect Profile Photo

Your profile photo is everything. That’s you right? So we don't  want to show a selfie of you with your bedroom in the background. The best LinkedIn photos are head-shots with a white background, black can be acceptable as well. But a clean solid background is professional, shows yourself clearly and there isn't any unprofessional distractions. A dress top is also recommended as the photo should be a full representation on the type of job you are trying to go after. Ladies, make sure that your makeup is natural, I know even myself when it comes to wanting to do such beautiful artistic makeup we have to tone it down because presentation is EVERYTHING.

The Importance of a Summary

The Summary, basically your ‘about me’ in career terms. It’s a sales pitch that is catching the employer or recruiters eye. You are telling them what you are looking for and getting recruiters to connect with you.

Your Contact Information

I know this is easily missed by many, but it’s soooo important to add your contact details! Your email address minimum is so important. It’s so important because you want to show that you are approachable. If you hide your contact information how can a recruiter be sure that you are openly seeking employment?

CONNECT on LinkedIn

Yes I said connect! You can connect to anyone in the world that has a LinkedIn account! The more connections you have the higher ranking your profile becomes. I recommend you connect with anyone that is within your target field. If you are interesting in accounting, search those in the accounting field and connect with them. Connect with hiring managers, recruiters you never know where a simple connection can lead. You may just have 1 simple conversation and there’s your next job opportunity.

LinkedIn so many ways to go about it. I go through this in detail in my 1:1 coaching program. This program offers the foolproof process on how to get the job that you are dreaming for. I am here to help you, I Believe in you, I know you are meant to get what you are longing to achieve.

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