Best Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For a Job

We all want to become something in life-- our greater purpose. Sometimes it could be screaming right at us and other times we need to dig deep inside ourselves to bring it out. You may even be thinking right now “Yeah sure deep inside of me, it’s never going to come out.” Never underestimate yourself because that is not true. Finding out what your dream job is much easier then it may sound, it just takes a little bit of thinking. You may want to also look into My 5 Tips On How To Write a Resume so your able to piece your dream into that powerful piece of paper!


Think about what you wanted to do when you were a kid

Remember back in the day when you were growing up and your parents asked you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” What was your response to that? I am not saying that this is what your supposed to be but it symbolizes what you may be meant to become. An actor/actress may symbolize the greater purpose of motivating or inspiring in the spotlight, a doctor may symbolize wanting to help others feel better about themselves. Dreams are important and they start young, so don't take the vision that you once had as something that’s not possible because it’s meant for it’s greater purpose.

What are your current Interests and what are you currently good at

Take a moment to reflect on what you enjoy doing day to day. It could be anything from helping someone that’s sick to building an online website or even a banner. ANYTHING. What hobbies do currently have? Make up, singing, giving advice. Your interests and what you enjoy doing help you ensure that you are in a job that you feel your happiest and have the life that you always dreamed of having.

When life comes to an end, what do you want to be remembered for?

It is important to know what impact you want to make in your lifetime. What do you want others to look back on what you have done. It can be anything, but really think about this because this entitles knowing exactly what you value in your life. It could be the simplest things like coming home for dinner at 6 PM every evening or being that person that is seeing potential in even the most questionable employees. This would help guide you to understand what you value and how you want to have your day to day job be.


If you have previous career experience…
What did you like? What didn’t you like?

Sometimes we understand what we want to based upon our previous experiences. So think about any job you had in school or outside of school like an actual job. What are the things that gave you the most enjoyment about this job. The enjoyment as in the feeling of you thinking on the inside “yes, I love doing this” and you have that happy go lucky feeling inside of you. Keep those tasks in mind because your dream job may be more focused on thoughts like those. Now, consider tasks or parts that you didn’t like. Could be culture, environment OR that annoying task that you can't stand that gets you depressed for the rest of your day. You want to balance out the negatives and the positives to understand what you may be really looking for.

Don't follow the “shoulds” in your life, if you don’t believe it

You may have some family or friends that say be a doctor because you’ll make more money, or don't be a store manager that's not a real job for someone that went to school. But maybe you think a certain way that's different or you know you want something completely different. Just because someone is telling you should, doesn't mean you have to follow and do it. In fact, if your goal is to have a dream job to where you are living and loving life and you follow the “should” where inside your heart your mind was thinking otherwise then your letting yourself be in a unhappy job and unmotivated for the happy life style. Act on what makes you happy. Do what makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, this is your life and time spent not theirs.

What do you do during your day that you LOVE to do

This could be anything. During the day what do you love to do? This could be anything from cooking, writing, meditation, yoga… list goes on and on. Think about it. How passionate are you when it comes to these things? Maybe cooking is where your meant to be, dancer, singer? Performer or public speaker? The list goes on, most of us make a career out of what we enjoy doing the most because it then doesn't feel like work.

Role Models/surround yourself with people you would like to be

Surround yourself with people that make you say “Dang! I wanna be just like them” This does not have to be one person. A role model, a mentor they are built by many different people that have the qualities that inspire you to be your best self and to strive for more. They are the inspiration that keeps you going. Maybe you look up to a fitness coach and see how well she understands nutrition and she nurtures her audience and that inspires you, but then you see a business mentor that has this energy and knowledge and presents this leadership inspiration in you. It doesn't matter who or what field they are in those are qualities that make up who you want to become and they keep you going. When it comes to finding your dream job you need the inspiration to understand who your inner self is in a deeper level.

Take a moment and close your eyes, think of what you feel would be an ideal work setting, what are you doing, where are you going?

Let's have a visual moment here. Close your eyes. Picture yourself somewhere where you are happy. Now take it to a place where you are working. Think about what this place looks like, what are you doing? What are the people around you doing? How do people feel? Happy? Outgoing? Stressed? Understand and really feel the environment. Now are you currently moving anywhere or doing anything in particular? Sit on what this thought makes you smile. Keep this setting in mind because it may be leading you to where the job of your dream is.

Write things down

Alright, you made it thus far…. But I have to ask…. Did you write anything down? I hope you did!!! But if you didn't please reflect and write everything down from each topic. As much as we sometimes want to believe what are head is saying it may not be accurate until you read and take the moment to understand and digest really what you may want.,If making lists aren't necessarily enough for you to understand try making a VEN diagram with all the information inside.


I know this seems like a lot, but trust a girl, you will find out your dream job I promise you, and if you need even more tips let me help you even further!! I have open my 1:1 career coaching program that is a high touch coaching program that is designed to get you the confidence and skills to get hired!

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